Lend a helping hand…

The Holiday Scheme is entirely dependent upon grants and donations for funding. Finding the funds to keep the 5 caravans running and maintained, recruit new volunteer hosts and escorts, support youth activity holidays  and pay the two part time staff  is a constant challenge, but one which we have been winning for over 60 years, to the benefit of many thousands of disadvantaged children and families.

We are grateful to the many funding organisations, charitable Trusts, churches, local businesses, individual donors and volunteers whose support makes the Scheme's aims achievable. If you can help us in any way please get in touch through our contact page. We would be delighted to hear from you. We also require host families who would be willing to give a child or a children a break each year. More information about volunteering as a host can be found here.

To provide holidays for almost 500 children a year we need your support.  If you can help us please go to the Glasgow Children's Holiday Scheme Just Giving page and donate.  Let's give children a break!

A £10 donation can provide toys and games for our caravans, £50 pound can help pay for a family holiday, £100 can help take children to their host holiday destination and £5000 can pay for the siting and maintenance of 1 of our caravans for a full year enabling 80-90 children to get a holiday. We also are happy to receive practical donations for our caravans in terms of kitchen supplies, toys, books and games. We are also pleased to receive gifts and donations for our Christmas Gift Scheme.

If you can help us in any way please get in touch through our contact page, we would be delighted to hear from you.