For many families holidays are out of reach. Glasgow remains the most deprived city and local authority area in Scotland. Almost half (47.3%) of Glasgows residents - 283,000 people - reside in the 20% of most deprived areas in Scotland;

In any one year we help over 200 families, more than 500 children and young people and over 350 adult parents/carers who all enjoy a break through the holiday scheme. We support a range of children and families who otherwise would not get the opportunity of a holiday. Our most recent annual figures show that we enabled 566 children and young people to get a break, many of the children had a disability, others were impacted by domestic violence. In all cases, the children and families were impacted by financial and social disadvantage.


testimony 1

An 11 year old girl went on her first holiday to one of our hosts.  She had a fabulous holiday.  She loved cooking especially making home-made pizza.  She also enjoyed going swimming, to the beach and eating out.  She had ‘lots of fun and loads of adventures’.

testimony 2

One family were on holiday during the heavy snow in March but still had a great break – the disco, swimming, the park and beach as well as the ferry to Rothesay.  Mark, aged 4, told us it was fine as he had his wellies for the snow!

testimony 3

Feedback from young people who used our caravans for activity based breaks confirmed the benefit of a few days away in a different environment. There is a focus on group activities, outdoor opportunities and the opportunity to build positive relationships. It helps to develop and enhance life skills such as being able to organise and plan for themselves.