Youth Group Breaks

In addition to our family holidays at our caravans and host holidays, GCHS offer youth group breaks. They enable around 60 young people from socially deprived parts of Glasgow to get away for short activity based breaks with their respective youth groups. Those breaks enable groups to enjoy time away in a safe environment helping their social and educational skills, self-confidence and esteem.

Feedback has demonstrated the positive impact and benefit of a few days away in a different environment. There is a focus on group activities, team building, outdoor activities and the chance to build and strengthen positive relationships.

In any year, we aim to assist at least 3 youth groups to enjoy this opportunity, by using two of our caravans at Wemyss Bay Holiday Park. We have provided this opportunity for a number of years, in particular, to the Barn youth project in the Gorbals area of Glasgow. It is anticipated that in 2019 at least sixty young people will benefit from our youth group breaks.